The nursery at Moshav Amnon

In 1996, Erez established a nursery at Moshav Amnon with the goal of cultivating mango and avocado seedlings, to expand the private orchards and market seedlings to all demanding them. Already at the time, he dealt in grafting trees and seedlings and on establishing the nursery, he succeeded in levering these occupations both in and out of Israel.

Since then, the nursery of 2000 m² has expanded to 20,000 m² of hothouses with a large production volume.

Erez’s son-in-law, Avishai, who studied the subject of planting in-depth and continued to the orchards field, joined the business.

Some of the largest organizations are included among our customers, such as Granot and Pri Or and, of course, kibbutzim and moshavim from Eilat to the Upper Galilee.

Seedlings and Seeds

We sell seedlings, seeds and propagation substances in Israel and overseas.

Seedlings and seeds for farmers

Mango – the Erez Kedem Nursery is the largest mango nursery in Israel.

All the mango varieties available in Israel
Propagating substance for grafting
Rootstock seeds


Erez Kedem Nursery produces all varieties of avocado
Propagating substance (with Flora Protection Approval)

Rootstock seeds


(Mauritius, Hong Long)

Seedlings for gardening and development

Large seedlings in 25-50 liter pots
Seedlings in 8 liter pots

Processes at the Nursery

We are proud to execute all the cultivation and production processes at the nursery, commencing with cultivating the rootstock seeds, through germination and growing the seedlings up to marketing and distribution.

Consequently, out of this uniqueness, when we control all the production stages, there are no unnecessary surprises along the way, and we can guarantee that customers receive the best.

For us, it is important to be at the vanguard of agricultural development, which is manifested in varieties, mechanization and irrigation.

Grafting / Variety Replacement in the Field

Grafting / Variety Replacement in the Field

Erez Kedem has been specializing in a unique manner of grafting and variety replacement in the field since 1987.

He has acquired know-how and rich experience in the field and continues to execute grafting and variety replacement for all types of trees in the field and at the nursery.

The beginning of expertise in variety replacement was with mango and avocado, and, over the years, expanded to citrus and deciduous trees and grapevines.

Land Preservation

Already many years ago, Erez identified the importance in ground cover cultivation in the orchards.

Reference is to cultivation between the rows, aimed at:

– Preventing soil erosion

– Maintaining loose soil

– Preventing the germination of noxious weeds

– Savings in germination prevention

Erez has a designated seeding machine for sowing between the rows in the orchards.

We would be happy to be at your disposal for sowing all types of seeds between the rows for anyone requiring this.

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