Advice, Accompaniment and Guidance for Projects Overseas

Promoting agricultural projects globally

Erez Kedem is among the third generation of farmers in the Land of Israel, in which agriculture has been and still is at the spearhead of development and innovation throughout the world.

Erez started dealing in the subtropical orchard field in 1978 and has not stopped since then. He has progressed and has accumulated much, in-depth and widespread experience and professionalism and has developed his own methods that he would be happy to share with others.

Erez commenced his journey of accompaniment and as an adviser for agricultural projects with a request from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to accompany a project in India. Afterwards, he continued this journey into Egypt and other locations in Africa and Asia.

Afterwards, the road was already paved and Erez reached many locations globally, to work with independent farmers or in cooperation with other large companies in the various countries that he visited.

He brings many years of experience as a farmer and grower in the nursery and subtropical orchards field as well as exceptional advisory professionalism that are of great assistance in promoting agricultural projects globally.

The Advice and Accompaniment Process

Erez commences the advice process with the initial planning stage and goes through all the stations with the relevant entities up to harvesting and marketing.

Advice is intended for new and old projects of subtropical orchards such as mango, avocado and citrus fruits.


  • Choosing the type of trees, varieties and preparation
  • Choosing the location of the nursery
  • Recommendations for acquiring equipment
  • Accompaniment in establishing and constructing the nursery
  • Supply of propagation substances
  • Accompaniment of the cultivation stage
  • Planning the orchards
  • Accompanying planting
  • Agronomic advice on the subject of – planting, fertilizing, pruning and picking

Any large orchard project commencing with the establishment of a nursery in the designated country.

The reason is simple –air transporting seedlings involves heavy costs. In contrast, when the seeds and various ingredients are supplied, including the propagation substance etc., costs are reduced substantially.

The entire process, of course, involves meticulous guidance of the local team throughout all the cultivation stages until the picking and marketing station and takes a number of years.

Workshops, Demonstrations and Guidance

Reliant on his many years of experience in the field as a farmer and accompanier and adviser in large projects in Israel and overseas, Erez conducts workshops, demonstrations and guidance

Guidance is provided according to request

For whom are the workshops intended?
For farmers in Israel and globally

On which subjects?
The development of subtropical nurseries
Grafting and variety replacement

Erez also conducts workshops for the Israeli Government’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
and private ventures such as: Netafim, Naan and the Galilee College.

Examples of projects and cooperation

  • Malawi, Africa – in partnership with Netafim Construction of a nursery and mango orchards
  • Zambia, Africa – in partnership with Amiran Mango nurseries
  • Congo, Africa – in partnership with the R Company A mango nursery
  • Sri Lanka, Asia – in partnership with a local company, Nelna Advice for cultivating mango
  • Myanmar, Asia – in partnership with a local company Establishing an avocado nursery
  • Kenya, Africa – SoloPlant A large nursery for avocado
  • Côte d’Ivoire, Africa – for Mars Chocolate– Advice, planting, pruning and grafting varieties.

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