About Erez Kedem

Erez Kedem was born in Tivon in 1958, the third generation of farmers loving the land and work.

There, on the beautiful hills surrounded by deep-rooted and Zionistic agriculture of the Jezreel Valley, he absorbed agriculture from infancy. His frequent visits to his farmer grandparents, inhabitants of the veteran village, Binyamina, also molded Erez’s love for the land and agricultural work.

As such, but naturally, he chose to study at the esteemed agricultural school at Pardes Hanna, after which he continued to manage agricultural projects during his military service, while he continued to attend various enrichment courses and gleaned his knowledge from the best professionals in the field.

At Kibbutz Tal Katzir, in the Jordan Valley, where he was a member for 8 years, Erez began dealing in the cultivation of bananas, citrus fruits and avocados. In 1990, when he, himself, established Meshek Mashal at Moshav Maale Gamla in the Golan Heights, he relied on the knowledge and love for the matter and established his orchards on mangoes, avocados and citrus fruits.

Erez’s knowledge and experience in the subtropical orchard field increased

and deepened until even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approached him with a request, as a part of the Guidance Project, to travel to India and help farmers there. After the successful Indian project, Erez quickly set out on agricultural project guidance journeys in Egypt and additional places in Africa and Asia.

Simultaneously, Erez continued to develop and expand his orchard farm and also established a nursery, which supplies seedlings, seeds, propagation substances from various mango and avocado species alongside the use of mechanization and irrigation that constitute an agricultural vanguard throughout the world. Furthermore, Erez uniquely specializes in grafting and replacing species and advises and assists in cultivation services, sowing in orchards, land preservation etc.

Erez Kedem has been breathing agriculture since infancy and, the immense knowledge that he has absorbed and acquired over the years, as well as the innovations that he, himself, has developed, which he is happy to share with farmers in Israel and globally, he transfers them with affection and much professionalism.

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